Since the advent of Napster, which became one of the internet's all time most popular applications with over seventy million registered users, many other MP3 or general file sharing programs have made thier appearance on the web.  Sadly,  Napster is now but a fond memory, having been crushed by lawsuits filed by the entertainment industry.  As of this writing, Napster's remains have been purchased by Roxio with plans for a subscription based service to start up later this summer. How successful it will be remains to be seen, but for now there are still many free file sharing networks to choose from.......

Here is a short list of applications that may be of use to music or other content hunters on the web for use with various platforms.   All of these programs have advantages and disadvantages, many are still in beta, so if you have a problem with one, by all means try a different one.  If you want to set up your own Napster server, check out the Opennap link below.  You might also want to check out the related newsgroups such as

Please note that some of the content available on these services may be objectionable to some users, or subject to copyright.  Neither myself nor the authors or distributors of these various applications assume any liability for what end users do with these services. 

We encourage you to support your favorite artists by purchasing their work from vendors such as CDnow, or by making a contribution directly at We also encourage American citisens to write your local representative to voice your support for the Music Owners Listening Rights Act of 2000.

As well, my fellow Canadians should be aware that our government is currently in the process of negotiating new legislation as part of the Free Trade Area of the Americas, as well as consulting with interested parties regarding the overhaul of our Federal copyright laws. While any action on this front is unlikely until after the next election, I think the nightmare of abuse and oppression by the entertainment industry in the USA makes it pretty clear we do not need our own copy of thier DMCA. I encourage all interested parties to let the government know we want sensible copyright laws that do not trample our hard won "fair use" rights or stifle legitimate online and academic speech.

We thank all of you who have emailed us with interesting new links to add. If you have a problem with any of these links, or have some other ones you feel should be included here, please feel free to contact us. We've finally gotten around to running Linbot on the page, and have hopefully fixed most of the broken links :-)

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Kazaa - a file sharing utility for Windows on the FastTrack network

Kazaa Lite - a file sharing utility for Windows on the FastTrack network (no spyware)

Tutorial - how to install Kazaa or Kazaa lite on Linux using WINE

iMesh - yes, another file sharing utility for Windows

WinMX - Napster compatible file sharing for Windows

Filetopia - an encrypted file sharing utility for Windows

Blubster - a distributed anonymous file sharing app for Windows

Piolet - a distributed anonymous file sharing app for Windows

Rockitnet - a distributed anonymous file sharing app for Windows

EarthStation5 - a distributed anonymous filesharing app for Windows

XS - a file sharing application from the makers of Peer Guardian

eDonkey2000 - a distributed file sharing network

E-Mule - an open source client for the eDonkey network

Overnet - multiplatform swarming distributed file sharing app

Peercast - distributed file sharing and broadcasting for Windows

Shareaza - a file sharing application for Windows based on Gnutella2 protocol

Konspire - a distributed swarming multi platform file sharing utility

Bit Torrent - a mutltiplatform swarming filesharing application

Grokster - distributed file sharing application for Windows

Limewire - Gnutella client for Windows, Mac (inc OSX), Linux and UNIX

Musiccity - Morpheus distributed p2p client for Windows

Bearshare - Gnutella based distributed file sharing client for Windows

Peer Guardian - an application which blocks p2p connections to hostile monitoring organizations

Xolox - a distributed file sharing utility for Windows

Locutus - an encrypted file sharing application for Windows

Waste - a new file sharing protocol from the creators of Gnutella

Alpine - distributed file sharing network for UNIX

SoulSeek - file sharing app for Windows

OpenCola - distributed filesharing application demo for Windows

ShareReactor - listing of files available on the eDonkey network

PeekaBooty - a proxying system designed to thwart censorship on the web

Napster - the original MP3 sharing utility for Windows

The Opennap project - with links to Napster client/server clones for other platforms

Napigator - find individual Opennap servers

DJNap - more offshore Opennap servers

Powernap - more independent Opennap servers

MP3filter - an HTML interface to Opennap servers

Napsack - a cool utility for searching multiple Opennnap servers at once

NapsterFastSearch - another utility for searching multiple Opennap servers

Wrapster - an app for sharing any file format as MP3s

MP3 Voyeur - a utility that crawls your LAN looking for MP3s

Xnapster - Slashdot like news and discussion site for Napster users

Zeropaid - news, reviews, and discussions on file sharing topics

Allsound - another discussion group for online music hunters

Teknap - command line napster client for UNIX

The Gnutella project - distributed file sharing for many platforms

Mutella - a command line Gnutella client for UNIX/Linux

GiFT - open source client for FastTrack networks - alpha code

Toadnode - Gnutella based distributed file sharing for Windows

Gnucleus - Gnutella based client for Windows, works with WINE for Linux

Bodetella - Gnutella based client for Windows

Mactella - Gnutella clone for Mac

GnutellaNews - news about.....Gnutella

Hagelslag - Gnutella compatible client for Linux and BSD

Yoink - a distributed file sharing utility for Windows

OMNI - another multi network file sharing interface for Windows

Mojonation - distributed file sharing for Linux and Windows - an HTML interface to Gnutella net

Gnutella Crawler - another HTML interface to Gnutella net - another HTML interface to Gnutella net

Webnap - Napster client using PHP

Jnerve - a Java Napster server

Freenet - an anonymous network file sharing protocol

Espra - anonymous distributed file sharing client using Freenet

Snarfzilla - a Napster-like front end for the Freenet network (alpha code)

Xtellinet - a project on a new distributed protocol

Voodoo Vision - a Java based file sharing utility for Windows, Linux and UNIX

JukeDaddy - multi-user networked jukebox system for Windows and Linux

Jungle Monkey - a file sharing utility for UNIX

FileRogue - a multiplatform file sharing utility

SockeToome - a file sharing utility for Windows and Mac

iAssimilator - file sharing utility for Windows

BuddyShare - a file sharing utility for Windows

CuteMX - a file sharing utility for Windows

Songspy - a file sharing utility for Windows

FileFury - still another file sharing utility for Windows

Jackalope Audio - a file sharing utility for Windows

AudioGnome - file sharing utility for Windows

Rapigator - a file sharing utility for Windows

Direct Connect - a file sharing utility for Windows

Groove - a secure p2p file sharing application for Windows

Splooge - a file sharing utility for Windows

Wippit - a file sharing utility for Windows

Soundcrawler - a file sharing utility for Windows

Carracho - a file sharing utility for Mac

Project Elf - distributed file sharing app for Windows

Yaga Share - another file sharing utility with copyright filtering

Newsbin - another utility for downloading mp3s from newsgroups

File Navigator - an MP3 search site

Audiofind - an MP3 search site

MP3Board - another MP3 search site

Lycos MP3 Search - another MP3 search site

Shoutcast - streaming MP3 audio over the net

Icecast - open source streaming audio server

Mod_mp3 - MP3 streaming module for Apache web server

MP3 Wolf - another MP3 search utility for Windows

AudioLocator - another MP3 search utility for Windows

Netbrilliant - another MP3 search utility for Windows - the largest MP3 web site on the net

Gracenote-CDDB - commercial and very uncool database of recorded music

FreeDB - free and open database of recorded music

Lyrics World - vast archive of lyrics and top 40 lists from 1930-1999 - loads of tech info on Napster

OpenP2P - the definitive peer to peer development news source

Mp3 How-To - lots of info on working with the mp3 format

Linux Mp3 How-To - info on setting up mp3 software under Linux

File sharing on the internet is currently the subject of several lawsuits launched by the RIAA and various other groups.  Here are some other links that are relative to this controversy.

RIAA - Recording Industry Association of America

MusicNet - the RIAA's latest attempt at online distribution

PressPlay - a legitimate online MP3 sales site

Streamwaves - another future industry sanctioned site - the anti file sharing police

Mediaforce - yet more anti file sharing police

BayTSP - more anti-filesharing police

NetPD - more anti-filesharing police

Nuke Pirates - still more anti-filesharing police

Overpeer - poisoning P2P networks with bogus files

Copyright Agent - utility for monitoring the Napster and Gnutella networks

Federal Trade Commision - statement on illegal price fixing by the RIAA

Media Enforcer - a Windows utility for tracing Napster and Gnutella users

Spyster - a utility for monitoring Napster users/connections on your network

Boycott-RIAA - also pretty self explanatory

Anti-DMCA - again, self explanatory

Webnoize - latest news in the world of online music distribution

Cryptome - the RIAA doesn't want the results of the SDMI challenge becoming public

Gnuman worm - why you should keep your Windows antivirus software up to date

DeCSS Gallery - Utilities for playing DVDs under Linux that the MPAA wants banned

DMCAsucks - the name says it all - Courtney Love's take on the economics of the music industry

Slashdot - obligatory link to news for nerds, stuff that matters

Campaign for Audio-Visual Free Expression

Here are some recent news stories on the tactics the RIAA/MPAA and others are employing to eliminate fair use and the rights of consumers in general - How the music industry has already tried to hijack artists work through legislation - How the music industry is watching the users of Napster and Gnutella - How the entertainment industry is trying to sneak copy control into all computers - More on copy control for ATA/SCSI hard drives - How the recording industry is threatening ISPs with lawsuits

Wired - How the music industry wants to avoid paying artists itself - The industry's plans for CDs that won't play on CD-ROMs - The recording industry's plans for a "secure PC"

SecurityFocus - The movie industry's plans for TV signals you can't record - The recording industry is lobbying for even more restrictive laws

Southcoast Today - not even small children at camp are immune from copyright law

Here are some other useful mp3 utilities.

Ad-Aware - use this utility to remove the spyware after you install KaZaa, Bearshare, etc.

X Audio - great MP3 player for many platforms

Real Jukebox - great MP3 player for Windows

Winamp - most popular MP3 player for Windows

Freeamp - open source MP3 player for Windows and Linux

Macamp - MP3 player for Mac

Sonique - another quality MP3 player for Windows

Musicmatch - multifunction MP3 utility for many platforms

Xing - rippers and encoders for Windows and Linux

Audiograbber - Mp3 ripping software for Windows

Ripper X - cd ripper for Linux

XMMS - open source multimedia player for Linux

LAME - open source MP3 encoding engine for many platforms

BladeEnc - MP3 encoder for many platforms

MPG123 - open source MPEG audio player for UNIX

Total Recorder - cool sound card recording utility for Windows

MPEG DJ - various MP3 utilities for Windows

Mp3 to Wav - a simple bash shell script I wrote to convert mp3s for burning under Linux

DivX - Open source compressed streaming video for many platforms

Ogg Vorbis - true open source alternative to the MP3 file format

Mp3Pro - new and improved (but not open) compressed digital music format

LiViD - open source DVD player software for Linux

Videolan - open source DVD player software for many platforms

If you like to burn your own CDs, here are some links that you might find useful.

CDR FAQ - answers to all of your burning questions

Exact Audio Copy - pretty much exactly what it says

CloneCD - another utility for backing up copy-protected CD-ROMs

GameCopyWorld - Utilities for backing up PC and console game discs

Roxio - home of EZ-CD Creator for Windows and Toast for Mac

CDR Win - cd mastering software for Windows

Nero - cd mastering software for Windows

Prassi - cd mastering software for Windows

CDR Publisher - mastering software for Windows and UNIX

BurnIt - Java mastering software for Linux

Gear - cd mastering software for Windows and UNIX

GnomeToaster - cd mastering software for Linux

X CD Roast - cd mastering software for Linux









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